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Design Team

Joeseph, Billy, Nayan, and Shoeb

Need Statement

Mr. Mularella needed a way to clear up space on his projector cart because he didn’t have room to put his laptop. The document camera and Apple TV were taking up too much space.

Final Solution

Students decided to move the Apple TV to the side of the projector cart and designed a case that would attach with magnets. Students initially used hot glue to attach the magnets to the case, but the hot glue came undone, so super glue was eventually used instead.

Design Notes

  1. This model can be printed out as one piece or four different parts, glued together.
  2. The three smaller pieces must be printed with a brim for increased surface bed adhesion.
  3. Students originally used hot glue to attach magnets to the case, but it was not strong enough. Super glue is recommended.

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