If you would like to design a 3D model in Tinkercad or Onshape, but don’t know what you want to make, you’re in the right place!

3D Modeling Ideas

1. Make a 3D model of your favorite animal.

2. Design a bubble wand

3. Design a cooker cutter

4. Make 3D printed jewelry such as this ring or these earrings.

5. Make a 3D model of your school.

If you are a student at Oak Middle School, this could include the physical building as well as the courtyard and surrounding fields. You will probably need to do a bit fo research and find school photos online.

6. Eunny’s YouTube channel is full of cool Tinkercad tutorials. Most of these can be 3D printed. My favorite one is this dual letter illusion!

Want more options? Here are hundreds of design ideas with instructions and there are more ideas here.

3D Printed Solutions to COVID-19

There is a lot of work taking place to created 3D printed medical components (respirators and valves) due to supply shortages around the world. This is a great example of how 3D printing can be used to solve real world problems. However, there are concerns with how we can do this safely so that no one is put in harm’s way. You can read about some of the current efforts taking place here.

Prusa Design Contest – Everyday necessities for life during a pandemic
It doesn’t get more authentic than this. Prusa (the company who makes our 3D printers) just announced a new design competition.

The main goal is to design and print simple household things that might run out during quarantine or to save you from a potentially unsafe trip to the store (and risking infection). Examples include clothespins, pill organizers, handles, holders, door opening tools or tools for press buttons without the hand touches the surface, etc. Here’s an example of a hands-free door opener.

Other categories include “interactive toys” and “educational items”. Entries will be accepted until April 17th, and winners will receive a free 3D printer. Whether you enter the competition or not, these are still great ideas for models you can design at home.