Handouts/Research Plans

Researching the Topic (PDF)

Background Research Guidelines (PDF)

Research Plan for Science Projects (Science Buddies)

Research Plan for Engineering Projects (Science Buddies)

Oak Resources

Oak Media Center Resources
This is an excellent list of resources compiled by Mrs. Bedard. It includes online encyclopedias, databases, newspapers, ebooks, and images.

Oak Library Catalog

Shrewsbury Public Library

Science Magazines and News

Science Magazine

Science News
Magazines can be found in the Design Lab

Science News for Students

Scientific American

High school Chemistry journal

Popular Science
Magazines can be found in the Design Lab

Discover Magazine

Video Resources

NBC Learn

Bookmarking/Note Taking Tools

You should be writing information down in your lab notebook, but it’s often easier to keep track of your sources using a different method because it can be tedious and time consuming writing all of that info down. There are some suggestions listed below for organizing your notes and source information (you will need to write a bibliography later).

For students who useYouTube:

  1. Make sure the content is credible and comes from a reliable source
  2. Create a science fair playlist, then add all relevant videos to that playlist.


Research Notes and Organizer Spreadsheet (Google Sheets)


Google Keep

Research Summary (Literature Review)

How to Write a Literature Review

Literature Review Examplars