Fusion 360 is a professional CAD software currently installed on all computers in the 339 Lab and Design Lab classroom. It’s typically used by high school and college students as well as engineering design professionals. Instead of combining shapes to create complex designs, you typically start with a sketch that’s defined by measurements and constraints. The sketch is then extruded into a 3D object.

There’s a much larger learning curve compared to Tinkercad, but Fusion 360 lets you to design more advanced models for printing. It’s similar to Onshape but even more advanced and comes with an even higher learning curve.

Fusion 360 is a computer program you must download to a computer, but it still syncs to the cloud, so you can work on any computer, and your project will be saved. Fusion 360 is expensive, but it’s free for education! (In order to get it for free, you must register for a free Autodesk using your school Google account. This proves you are a student!)

 (My recommendation for 3D modeling is Onshape. I would only choose Fusion 360 if you know you will take high school engineering classes. They use Autodesk Inventor, but Fusion 360 is very similar.)

Fusion 360 Resources

Autodesk Free Software
This is where you can download and obtain free access to Fusion 360 along with over 100 other Autodesk products.

Autodesk Design Academy
This is an excellent collection of videos, tutorials, and courses to get you up and running with Fusion 360. Once you create an Autodesk account (Sign in with school Google account), it will direct you to some beginner tutorials. (The software gets updated often, so some videos may show the old toolbar.)

Autodesk Fusion 360 (Official YouTube Channel)

CAD for Newbies (YouTube playlist – Maker’s Muse)

Use and Learn Autodesk Fusion 360 – (YouTube channel – Lars Christensen)
Start with Fusion 360 for Absolute Beginners playlist, then check out his other playlists.

Fusion 360 Tutorials (YouTube Channel – Product Design Online)
Many, many tutorials on Fusion 360 taught through a product design approach