Gravit Designer is a free online vector graphic program. All work is saved to the “Gravit Cloud”, which makes your designs available on any computer with an Internet connection. Gravit Designer does not work on an iPad.

Learning How to Use Gravit Designer

This course is only available to students at Oak Middle School.

1. Sign in to “Designing Vector Graphics for the Laser Cutter” course.
You must log in with your school Google account.

2. Sign in to Gravit Designer.
You must log in with your school Google account.

3. Progress through the online course. Read each lesson and watch the video, then practice using that skill in Gravit Designer. You should always have two tabs open in your browser, with the course in one tab and Gravit Designer open in the other.

Another option is to watch the videos on your iPad, then do the work on the computer.


Short Cuts Cheat Sheet

Gravit Designer Table Top Tips (PDF)

Gravit Designer Tutorials (YouTube Playlist – Joshua Pomeroy)

Graphics Editing Basics (YouTube Playlist – Gravit Designer)

Gravit Designer Tutorials (YouTube Playlist – John Umekubo)