There are three reasons why students may want to design a product on the laser cutter:

  1. They must create and test a prototype in the Design Lab class.
  2. They choose to create a product for a different class assignment (History, Science, ELA, Math, etc.)
  3. They want to create a product for personal use.

Regardless of the reason, our goal is to provide all students with access to both the school laser cutter and consumable materials, as long as they design the vector graphic. If students wish to create a product using a design found online, they will be asked to provide their own material.

The Design Lab currently has the following consumable materials in stock:

  • Cardboard
  • Chipboard
  • 1/4″ Birch Plywood
  • 1/8″ Clear Acrylic
  • 1/8″ Black Acrylic

Whether student-designed or downloaded from the Internet, all vectors sent to the laser cutter must be appropriate for school!

Laser Cutting Criteria and Constraints

  1. In order to use the school laser cutter, students must complete the “Designing Vector Graphics in Gravit Designer” online course. This is to make sure students learn how to design a vector that is capable of being engraved, scored, and/or cut.
  2. Laser cutter jobs cannot exceed 20 minutes. (Students can use the LightBurn software in the Design Lab classroom to get a cutting time estimate.) This time limit is primarily to ensure all students have a chance to cut out their models, but it’s also because all jobs on the laser cutter must be monitored for safety reasons, and no one wants to stand there for 30 minutes or longer!
  3. Designs cannot exceed the cutting/engraving area of our laser cutter, which is approximately 340 mm x 480 mm (13.5″ x 19″)
  4. Students may only use 1-2 sheets of plywood or acrylic for personal projects. If a larger size is needed, students will be asked to purchase additional material.