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150 Amazing Laser Cutter Projects – Ponoko

40 Laser Cutter Projects to Take You from Beginner to Advanced – Make: Community

Sample Project Ideas – Epilog Laser

Application Gallery – Epilog Laser

Etsy is a very large and popular online marketplace. It’s not just specific to laser cutting, but there are a lot of great laser cut items for sale. When on Etsy, search for “laser cut __”.

Design Templates and Generators

Gear Generator

MakerCase Box Generator

How to Design a Living Hinge

Living Hinge Templates

Laser Cut Maze Designer

Jigsaw Puzzle Generator

Slicer for Fusion 360
This plug in lets you take any 3D model and slice it into layers. These layers can then be cut out on the laser cutter and assembled to make the model.

Laser Cutter Materials

Laser Cutting and Engraving Settings for Different Materials (65 W)

List of Safe Materials That Can be Used on a Laser Cutter

Located in Worcester – where we purchased our plywood and acrylic for this year.

Altec Plastics
Store in Boston that sells a wide range of acrylic and other laser cutter materials

Boulter Plywood
Sells a wide range of plywood types that are intended for the laser cutter.

Boss Laser + LightBurn Software

LightBurn is the software needed to communicate with our Boss laser cutter. It is currently installed on two computers in the Design Lab. This software is helpful for checking/editing student designs before cutting. It has a great preview feature that lets you see exactly what the laser cutter will do based on current settings.

Boss LS-1416 Entry Laser Cutter
This is our laser cutter! We actually have the slightly larger 1420 model (14″ x 20″) with 65W laser. Fumes are vented to the outside, and the CW-5000 water chiller helps the laser stay cool with continual usage throughout the day.

LightBurn Software Website

LightBurn Tutorials