This site includes a list of resources for students who want to continue their STEM education. While they are intended for students at Oak Middle School, anyone is welcome to use them!

Resources are organized into different pathways. Students may choose to focus on one pathway or pick and choose from different pathways. All options are meant to be fun, engaging, and student-directed. I would also like to share the wonderful work students are doing at home! You are welcome to send me photos and videos of your creations, and I will share them with others on social media!


Pathway 1: Engineering Design Challenges

This pathway includes resources for a few different hands on design challenges you can attempt at home.

Pathway 2: 3D Modeling/3D Printing

This pathway includes two different options for designing 3D models. You can choose to explore Tinkercad (beginner) or Onshape (intermediate/advanced).

I was able to retrieve three 3D printers from my classroom and have them set up at my house. I will 3D print any models that are sent to me by students at Sherwood, Oak, or Shrewsbury High. These printed models will be available for pickup at a later date.

Pathway 3: Coding

This pathway includes different coding/programming options you can explore. There are options suitable for both iPads and computers.

Pathway 4: Maker Activities

This pathway includes a collection of various digital and physical “making” activities for students.