Google SketchUp is a browser-based 3D modeling platform that lets you create complex 3D models using a unique set of tools. It is really unlike any other type of modeling software. It has an intermediate level of difficulty (more advanced than Tinkercad but not as sophisticated as Onshape or Fusion 360). While you can make a wide range of designs with Google SketchUp, it is often used for architecture and woodworking design plans.

SketchUp for Schools is available to all schools with a Google Suite for Education. I believe Shrewsbury usually qualifies for this, but you can use it until June 30th without getting any other authorization. Just simply log in with your school Google account! This link provides more information as well as design tutorials you can follow. Please note that this is NOT the same as the educational version of SketchUp Pro. That has more features and requires you to install software.

Begin modeling here!

Additional Resources

SketchUp Campus
This site has short courses you can take to learn more about designing with SketchUp. I recommend you start with their SketchUp Fundamentals courses.

Google SketchUp YouTube Channel