Raster vs Vector Graphics

Raster files (jpg, png, gif) are the types of images we use every day. Most people have probably never used vector graphics though. Vector files (svg) are made up of points, lines, and curves instead of pixels. They use mathmatical expressions, which makes them infinitely scalable! It’s important to understand vectors and how to design them because that is the file type needed to design projects for the laser cutter and vinyl cutter. They can also be imported into Tinkercad. and turned into a 3D model.

What are Vector and Raster Graphics?
This YouTube video explains the differences between common raster images (jpg, png, and gif) and vector images (svg)

Raster vs Vector Infographic:

Getting Vector Graphics for Your Project

There are three ways to get a vector graphic for your laser cutter or vinyl cutter project:

  1. Download a vector image file (svg) from the Internet
  2. Download a raster image file (jpg, png, or gif) from the Internet, then convert it into a vector image.
  3. Design your own vector image from scratch using Gravit Designer.

Download Vector Graphics

The Noun Project
You will need to ask Mr. Mularella for his account info to download svg files.

Mr. Mularella’s SVG Library
Only available to students at Oak Middle School

Convert Raster –> Vector